Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA); a convoluted, euphemistic name designed to allow politicians to vote for it without having to acknowledge the injustice it imposes on American businesses,  just to facilitate a sexually deviant subculture’s quest for validation of its lifestyle.

As Boehner alluded, if ENDA were to become law every employer who failed to select a male candidate, who presented exaggerated effeminate affectations or one wearing a wig and dress, could be forced to justify his/her selection in a court of law. He/she could also be forced to defend  a low or non-existent lgbt population in his/her employ.

The employer could also be sued for denying a transgender (anatomically intact) male access to female locker/restroom facilities.

Employers could also be forced to ensure that their healthcare plans provide for surgical alteration and therapy for so-called transgender, increasing the overall cost to the employer and other employees. Medicinal and hormonal therapy preceding and following such operations is a lifetime requirement.

ENDA would also deny all Americans the right to reject sexual perversity in deference to convention.  Just as congress allowed the US Supreme court to invalidate the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), without due process in accordance with the constitution, any religious exceptions included in ENDA will be ephemeral and invalidated by the court once the bill becomes law and is then challenged. This is standard procedure for lgbt. There will be no religious exemption after the first court challenge as long as Kennedy, Kagan and Ginsburg are on the court.

In all likelihood the senate passed the bill for campaign purposes; anticipating it would not pass the house yet they could still get credit for trying. It is narcissistic, myopic and indicative of the pandering attendant to the year round campaigning on the hill and in the White House.

People should realize that all determinations by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) on the subject of homosexuality, and other related sexual deviances among adults, are politically negotiated and not the result of any research or empirical evidence. No meaningful research by the APA has been conducted since 1973.

Before John Boehner loses his nerve or tries to trade ENDA for Obamacare, send him a tweet or email of support for his efforts to protect American business and American religious institutions; and remember those senator who quickly and easily passed a sexual perversion bill but could not preempt a government shutdown and still do not have a budget.


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