President Obama, Americans, save for the so-called birthers, accept American as your nationality; but your actions are not consistent with American mores, traditions or ideals. Rather than embracing American traditions, you tell us what you say it means to be American.

Now you propose to embarrass the country by sending a delegation of lgbt members to Russia in an attempt to taunt Vladimir Putin.  Not only is taunting juvenile and beneath the dignity of the oval office, one cannot help but be bemused as to the point you are trying to make.

No one ever said that people who choose to engage in deviant sexual behavior could not perform satisfactorily, or even exemplary, in non sexual contexts. Eliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevey, Paul Reubens, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Mark Sanford, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger and myriad others, including King, Cahow and Boitano; all skilled, talented, accomplished in their respective fields; all engaged in unsavory sexual situations; none of their accomplishments compelled society to sanction their deviant behavior.

Gay is a euphemism that refers to a mental perspective that manifests as deviant sexual behavior; behavior in which the participants choose to engage. The law says that despite the degree of sexual arousal a man is expected to cease all sexual advances if and when the words no and or stop are uttered. Similarly, lgbt members presumably possess the capacity to refrain from sexual activity, despite sexual arousal, so that engagement is necessarily a choice.

Unless they do something “gay” it is unclear what you hope the presence of King, Cahow and Boitano will accomplish. If you think that Russia will not enforce its anti-gay propaganda law should the trio engage in propagation, you are probably underestimating Russia’s abhorrence of the practice.

For all of your talk about equality, as a “constitutional scholar”, you spoke not a word in defense of Phil Robertson’s constitutional right to free speech any more than you spoke a word of admonishment to Tom Menino and Rahm Emanuel for bullying Dan Cathy when he exercised his right to free speech.

So you see Mr. President, you call yourself an American but you only espouse those views which are amenable to certain factions which you would call special interest groups were they allied with Republicans.

Mr. President you are effectively pulling the ladder up after you because your failure to recognize the rights of all Americans  almost guarantees there will not be another Black Democrat in the White House in the twenty first century.


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