Love is probably the most misapprehended and misused term in the English language. It is used in place of appeal, enjoyment, elation, infatuation, obsession, sexual desire; and, most often it is used to manipulate by its implied connotation.
Love is not transient. One does not fall into or out of love. There are not different kinds of love; there are just different emotions that are sometimes labeled love so that a particular behavior might be perceived as acceptable.
For example, when a married man is sexually involved with another woman and professes to “love them both” it is so that his duplicity is not judged to be depraved. The fact is he loves neither.
One predicates one’s behavior on the effect its revelation would have on those they love. The infidel is gratified by certain aspects of each relationship, so that it is his own self interests, not love for another, which compels his behavior.
Deviant sexual behavior is another area in which the term love is misapplied to ameliorate the perceived perversity of the behavior.
The notion that acceptance of another’s bad behavior is a demonstration of love and fosters reciprocation of love is absurd.
When a person withholds “love” pending acceptance of their view, it is simple manipulation; only effective on people who do not understand the concept of love.
Love is unconditional. This means one loves another despite the other’s bad behavior; or one loves another whether or not the other accepts their bad behavior.
For example, Michael Tomasky asserts that if Liz Cheney loves her sister she must accept her depravity and embrace the notion of same gender matrimony. Tomasky does not understand love; or, he is being manipulative; or, both. Liz can love Mary without embracing ssm or sanctioning child bearing outside the bonds of normal marriage.
How about love of God. Pope Francis claims to love God, but the church has long embraced the tenet that fornication is abhorrent to God. The Pope’s tacit approval of fornication (same gender sodomy) known to be offensive to God, renders his profession of love for God, vacuous.He is oblivious to the effect his behavior will have on God.
Nothing portends the misapprehension of love more than a person who professes to love everyone. Whatever the emotion they are attempting to articulate it is most assuredly not love.
Everyone has the right to call anything they choose “love” and this is in no way intended to abridge that right. This is just an attempt to encourage people to pause and think about what is actually meant by one’s use of the word love.


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