Whether or not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is found to be implicitly culpable, criminally liable or simply incompetent relative to the juvenile antics which resulted in massive congestion on the GWB, he is not going to become president in 2016  Christie, like Obama, cannot be trusted not to “evolve”; which is Obama’s code word for “I have received enough support from your group to see things your way”.

It was not surprising that Barack Obama would take a dive over the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); after all he is from Chicago, home of the infamous Black Sox; it is in his DNA. Christie “the bully” however had become known for his strong arm tactics; yet he capitulated and dropped his appeal to ssm. Christie surrendered citing insurmountable odds against success. This is not the kind of commander in chief our troops deserve; a quitter. It would have been better had he never initiated the appeal than to start and quit. Was the bully bullied or bought?

In the first place, the United States Supreme Court is not empowered by any portion of the United States Constitution to invalidate an Act of Congress. Obama knows this; but congress does not. Christie may or may not know it, but if he wanted to be president he would have to know it and be prepared to defend it; which obviously he is not.

Beginning in 2014, Americans will start to populate congress with statesmen who know that Constitutionally the judiciary is subordinate to the legislature and that DOMA is in full effect unless and until it is repealed by congress. Repeal is the only Constitutional method to invalidate an Act of Congress.

Christie’s political party affiliation nor his troubles over the GWB debacle is going to keep him out of the White House; it is his lack of character.

Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Chris Christie, etc.; we have had enough of politicians selling out the marriage paradigm, and by extension, the family paradigm.

No, Governor Christie will not be our next president. New Jersey wants him and there he should stay. We need a president who will defend the Constitution in accordance with the oath of office; we already have one who will not, we do not need another.



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