All we need is one courageous member of congress or congressional candidate to stand up and say that the Supreme Court of the United States does not have the constitutional authority to invalidate or repeal an Act of Congress; affirm that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is still valid and in full effect; and challenge the other members of congress to join in the affirmation or show, in the Constitution, any amendment thereto, or any Act of Congress where the court is granted that power.
In that there is no such constitutional provision, amendment, or Act of Congress, each member’s response will tell you more about them than any campaign ad.
The members who do not join in the affirmation are the ones who know that scotus does not have the authority but are willing to pretend it does to avoid congressional culpability in the destruction of the marriage paradigm and
other extremely contentious legislation. George Bush, unsuccessfully, used a similar tactic when he signed campaign finance reform. He said he felt certain it would not pass “constitutional muster”. There is no such thing as
constitutional muster. The phrase “constitutional muster” or “judicial review” does not appear anywhere in the Constitution, its amendments, or Acts of Congress. Presidents and congress have used this mythological device to
defer unpopular decisions to scotus because the Constitution insulates scotus from the people; congress and presidents must stand for reelection.
The members who try to assert that scotus has the authority, notwithstanding their inability to show proof, either have never bothered to read their position description (the Constitution) or are not willing to do the job they were hired to do.
In either case, these are the people who need to be purged from congress, regardless of party or longevity; because the issue is not marriage, the issue is a fundamental precept of the Constitution; the “rule of law”.
The Supreme Court of the United States is the number one reason nothing gets done in congress. Congress does not have to negotiate in good faith or cooperate; they simply run to scotus where hubris fosters an exceedingly
accommodating environment even though it corrupts the legislative process.
The judiciary must be re tethered to the Constitution to curtail its practice of imposing its views on the country without due process of law.
Make no mistake; congress, as the voice of the people, is the preeminent power. Congress is the only branch, empowered by the Constitution, to levy taxes, appropriate funds, declare/fund war, ratify treaties, confirm judicial appointments and conduct impeachment and trial proceedings against the executive, judiciary and itself.
Many members of congress are quick to cite the “rule of law” to demean religious objections; is there one equally willing to cite it in support of the Constitution of the United States?


4 thoughts on “ALL WE NEED IS ONE

  1. So you think one member of Congress can just declare that the balance of powers is null and void and the Supreme Court of the United States gas no authority to overturn laws that it deems in violation of the Constitution?

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