The irrefutable fact is that ssm is a means to an end. The lgbt objective is to achieve validation for its sexually deviant lifestyle and retribution against all who steadfastly hold to the tenets of moral decency and disdain for moral turpitude.
The success of the lgbt subversion is largely due to a corrupt judiciary and politicians who subordinate the health of the country to their own political aspirations and job security.
While Mark Regnerus’ study may not have included children of same gender households, it is also true that studies used to support ssm only compared children of same gender households to children of single parent households.
Children have been known to prosper despite childhood disadvantages. Their success is more a testament to the character of the individual than the innocuousness of their environment.
That a household founded on a normal (mother and  father) marital relationship is the optimum paradigm for child development is irrefutable.
Organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters are an attempt to compensate for children in less than optimum households.
Accepting that some adults choose to subject their biological children to a less than optimum environment, in deference to their own sexual interests, is one thing; but for the government to advance the unsupportable assertion that same gender couples are the equivalent of normal couples is ludicrous; and imposing that notion by violating Americans Constitutional rights is egregious. For the government to assert that same gender households are not less than optimum environments for children portends a government that is either ignorant or corrupt.


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