News media were once circumspect to avoid the appearance of bias in their reporting; thereby preserving their journalistic integrity. They reported the facts; the medium’s position, on an issue, was found on the editorial page; and an opinion piece was accompanied by an editor’s note.
The Daily Beast‘s publication of the article entitled “How Liberty University Creates Creationists”, by Karl W. Giberson, without disclaimer, suggests that journalism at The Daily Beast is a dying art. It allowed Giberson to express his disdain for the curriculum of a respected institution by ridiculing it.
“Creationism” is a pejorative; it is used to discredit Christians (followers of Christ) who, as a tenet of their faith, embrace the Biblical account of the beginning of life. Giberson’s assertion that one can be a Christian while rejecting that account portends either his ignorance of Christianity or the mendacity of his claim to be a “Christian Professor”.
Evolution is a theory; conclusions based on observation, extrapolation, calculation, speculation, and conjecture. That various species survive by adapting commensurate to a changing environment and others, that fail to adapt, become extinct is an empirical fact. Referring to this process as evolution is in no way antithetical to Biblical teachings.
The so called “Big Bang Theory” relies on the existence of matter; the origin of which it cannot explain. Proponents of the theory also cede an inability to explain the catalyst which precipitated the cataclysm or “big bang”, therefore a deity, divine or otherwise, cannot be excluded as a possible explanation.
Scientific conclusions regarding events before recorded time are largely speculative and rarely definitive. For example, for eighty four years scientists told us that our solar system consisted of eight planets. Then, for over seventy five years, scientists told us it consisted of nine planets. Today we once again have eight planets in our solar system. For centuries, the Biblical account of the beginning of life has remained unchanged.
Scientific conclusions are not static because scientists want to be esteemed by their colleagues; recognition comes from research; research requires money; and money often influences the outcome.
Giberson, by his own admission, is a paid antagonist; or as he put it, “heretic”. He has a vested interest in perpetuating a false dichotomy between religion and evolution.
Giberson makes no attempt to explain why it is necessary for Christians or anyone else to be compelled to abandon their beliefs and or embrace an alternate, inconclusive, account of the origin of the universe.
Giberson offers no evidence that Christians’ adherence to the Biblical account of the beginning of life has in any way been to their detriment; nor does he cite any discernible benefit attendant to the imposition of an alternative view.
Christians have the Constitutional right to free exercise of religion; which includes the exclusion of views antithetical to the views they espouse (Dale v BSA) .
Scientists have never observed a “big bang” and even if they could create a facsimile of such an event, it would not explain how it would have naturally occurred.
Giberson arrogantly characterizes Christians as ignorant; because they refuse to abandon their beliefs in deference to a theory that is no more demonstrable than the Burning Bush; while conceding there are many significant questions which the theory fails to answer; which, ironically is an admission of his own ignorance.
The Daily Beast’s decision to publish Giberson’s piece without editorial disclaimer clearly portends a bias against Christians in general and Evangelicals in particular


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