Boston Massachusetts mayor Martin J, “Marty” Walsh claims to be an Irish-American; but his refusal to appear in Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade clearly demonstrates he has no allegiance to either.
Walsh was born in American and apparently never developed an appreciation for the sanctity and reverence accorded Ireland’s celebration of its patron saint, Saint Patrick.
Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish Christian celebration.
Irish members of the lgbt subculture will no doubt be in attendance; and some will participate in the celebration, without anyone knowing or caring what their sexually proclivities might be. These are the lgbt members who appreciate that the celebration is about Saint Patrick; not them.
Notwithstanding convoluted assertions to the contrary, a subculture coalesced around a doctrine of sexual perversion is antithetical to Christianity; so that Walsh’s advocacy for prominent lgbt inclusion as an adjunct to a Christian celebration is  sacrilegious and portends disdain for his alleged Irish heritage.
Moreover, his refusal to represent Boston in the parade portends disdain for the people of Boston who supported and voted for him but do not support the subversive agenda of the lgbt subculture.
Walsh will undoubtedly continue to profess to be a Christian Irish-American; but actions speak louder than words and his actions say his loyalty is not to Christianity, Ireland or America; it is to the lgbt subculture.


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