American hubris informs the misconception that people in other countries do not know and understand the United States Constitution; but, not only is Vladimir Putin cognizant of the myriad judicial violations of the Constitution which are decimating the country; thanks to Edward Snowden, he is also aware of the United States’ propensity for duplicity, mendacity and illegal surveillance in its interactions with its so called global partners, as well as its citizens and congress.
For good reason Putin is undaunted by US threats. Russia enjoys a somewhat symbiotic relationship with the west such that protracted sanctions could be mutually injurious. Moreover,¬†Obamacare, ssm, Citizens United and indiscriminate collection and storage of American’s (including congress) communications, and related data, more or less ensure there will be very little, if any, support for US aggression on behalf of Ukraine.
American arrogance posits inconceivability that Crimea, or any country, could favor an alliance with Russia over an association with the US. That arrogance, however, is unfounded. In the context of a congress so preoccupied with pandering, in an effort to coalesce a voting base from a decimated constituency, that it defers its responsibilities to a capricious executive and a corrupt judiciary disinclined to respect the constraints of the United States Constitution as it sanctions substance abuse, illegal immigration and sexual deviancy, it is not surprising that the US is less than attractive to people seeking morality based prosperity and freedom. It would be bemusing, however, if Putin did not seize this opportunity to fill the void occasioned by the descent of America.


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