The deliberate and unnecessary impairment of a child’s ability to develop intellectually, physically or emotionally is abuse. Impairing a child’s ability to distinguish reality from make believe by forcing the child to indulge the fantasies of a delusional adult; in a publicly funded institution, is institutional child abuse.
The lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) subculture is a menagerie of people coalesced around a preference for aberrant sexual behavior. The American Psychiatric Association (APA), for political reasons, abandoned research as to their reasons but it is irrefutable that the so-called lesbian, gay and bisexual subculture members either choose to engage in deviant sexual behavior or do so because they suffer from a mental disorder.
So-called transgenders, however, definitely suffer from delusion; a mental disorder. There is no empirical evidence to corroborate assertions that someone is fundamentally the opposite gender. Conversely, chromosome and DNA evidence; which is unchanged by chemical therapy or surgical alterations, definitively refute such claims.
After living his life, with a wife, Gary Sconce has elected to masquerade as a female; which is his right. However, the government has no right to force children, compelled by law to attend school, to indulge Sconce’s delusion; particularly because he teaches science.
This forced indoctrination of American children is tantamount to children in other countries being indoctrinated to hate Americans, or Christians or to become suicide bombers; and is no less abusive.
If California parents do not demand Gary Sconce present as a male while teaching their children, or not be allowed to teach, they will be as culpable in the abuse of their children as Jerry Brown, James Sargent and any other superintendent who sanctions this abuse.


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