It is truly incredulous that President Obama would have the temerity to advise Iraq on establishing order while America continues her rapid descent into mob rule. When the United States Supreme Court (scotus) untethered itself from the United States Constitution and, unfettered by congress, proceeded to rewrite the Constitution, it relegated the term “rule of law” to platitude status.

The US Patent Office, at the behest of a mob; and without due process of law or constitutional foundation, is imposing a perverse version of eminent domain; where not only is there no public need to be served by depriving Mr. Snyder of his property but he also is offered no compensation, as required by law; on an American citizen, and congress is cheering; posturing for the next election campaign. This suggests that not only are there no Americans in Congress, there are few American voters either.

The United States Constitution vests all legislative powers in congress. However, congress has elected to delegate that power to the judiciary so that it (congress) can devote all of its time to fund raising and posturing for reelection. This effectively vests absolute power in scotus  Unfortunately scotus is the epitome of Lord Dalberg-Acton’s axiom that absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely.

The concept of scotus was that one judicial body would ensure continuity between state laws and federal laws and to resolve any conflicts in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. It was never intended that scotus should have dominion over congress nor that any action by the court should amend or invalidate any federal law.

Anyone who ever watched “How a Bill becomes a Law” on Schoolhouse Rock knows two things: (1) only a bill can become a law and (2) the judicial branch of government cannot write bills and is not a part of the legislative process. This is also implicit in the omission of judicial legislative power from Article III of the US Constitution and the Judiciary Act of 1789.

It is difficult to say how much of congress’ political theatrics portend the legislator’s ignorance and how much indicates the legislator’s estimation of our ignorance. For example, Speaker of the House John Boehner threatening to sue the President of the United States. There is no constitutional provision for congress nor a member of congress to petition the judiciary to address perceived presidential improprieties. To the contrary it is a function of congress to address such grievances. Furthermore, it is the judiciary, not the president, that is the source of our problems. Five to nine people imposing their views, as law, on the American people. Boehner fails the litmus test.

Lamentably, if he does file such a suit, the omnipotent scotus would jump at the chance to admonish the President; further eroding the power and spirit of the Constitution as well as the integrity of the court.

It is long past time for Americans to stop focusing on issues and look at the effect their votes are having on the country. Congress engages in finger pointing, ad hominem attacks, ludicrous exaggerated characterizations, and other theatrical shenanigans, 24/7/365. because this is what seems to get them reelected. They do not have to tackle hard controversial problems like removing the court from legislative activities, immigration, the budget, etc..

Unless and until we install a congress that will restore a rule of law, unequivocally founded in the US Constitution; and the integrity of the separation of powers, mob rule is not only eminent, it is inevitable.


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