At a Democratic National Party hosted lgbt event, President Barack Obama said, “… “who you are and who you love shouldn’t be a fireable offense.”. In this statement we can see an advocate, a panderer, a hypocrite, but not a president.
Does anyone recall Obama expressing this sentiment in defense of John Edwards, Mark Sanford; or Anthony Weiner; expressing “who he is” online?
“Who one is” is in one’s head; choices one makes. We determine who one is when we observe the manifestations of their choices. We consider a person who chooses to take things that do not belong to them, a thief; a person who takes unfair advantage for gain, a cheat, and a person who habitually and exclusively engages in perverse sexual activity, a sexual deviant. People who illegally immigrate to this or any country are illegal immigrants.
Whether or not these people think that is “who they are”, the facts speak for themselves; and we as Americans have a constitutional and moral right to make decisions in accordance with the facts.
An American President should recognize and respect that right. An American President should not get mired in myopic minutia; advocating for sub cultural interests. An American President is supposed to a be a leader with a broader view for the entire country; the financial health of the country; its ability to defend itself and repel intruders, etc.. Usurping congress is not only nonpresidential and un-American, it is also unconstitutional.
Flouting the law in the defense and interests of those who have flouted the law is not only nonpresidential, it is subversive. It also teaches our children that it is acceptable to break the law if you consider your objective worthy. The problem that arises with diametrically opposed worthy objectives is the reason our government and the separation of powers exists.
American Presidents do not ignore laws with which they disagree nor embrace the persecution of Americans in an effort to force them to abandon their morals and principles in deference to a sexually deviant subculture; or accommodate illegal immigrants before, at the very least,action is taken to preclude future illegal entries.
People who focus on Obamacare, or ssm, or immigration; tend to get mired in debates over such issues and miss the fact tha Barack Obama is fundamentally flawed as a president and a person; and when Hillary Clinton says things like the Supreme Court’s Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby decision makes the United States akin to extremist authoritarian and theocratic nations that restrict women’s rights, it is clear that she is no more capable of leading this country than Obama. They are both advocates for special interest groups and have no clue what leading the entire country looks like.
Obama is president in name only and Hillary would be his female counterpart.
Do we not deserve better?


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