Obama’s proposal to act independently of the congress on immigration legislation may well put us on track for a dynamic congressional shift.
Effecting or circumventing legislation through executive order is an abuse of power and arguably a breach of the President’s oath to “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”; as well as a violation of the constitutional mandate that “…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…”
Whether or not the use of executive orders is abusive is not determined by the number of orders issued, rather it is how the orders are employed. If a hundred orders are needed to bring federal agency activities into compliance with the law and or increase efficiency, this is a legitimate function of executive orders. However, if one order is issued to subvert the law, it is an abuse.
President Obama’s seemingly irrepressible propensity to use executive orders for the latter purpose portends his inability to reconcile with congress over Obamacare; and the acrimony is exacerbated by his juvenile taunting.
Trying to shame congress by publicly goading it is ineffective, unprofessional and childish. Congress knows that we know it is rife with poll dancers who will continue to get votes stuffed into their garters as long as they continue poll dancing and allow the court to run the country. Congress simply has to wait him out.
Resorting to, in effect, legislating through executive orders will be tantamount to an admission that he cannot effectively lead the country and his party members in congress may well pay for his impertinence in the next election. Without them Obama will officially become a lame duck destined for the walk of shame.


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