Many accolades and awards have been bestowed upon NPR’s Terry Gross; host of the radio program known as “Fresh Air”. However, there is very little that is “fresh” about the program anymore.
Gross has clearly established herself as an advocate for the lgbt subculture and dedicated her program to the propagation of all things perverse.
On Thursday, July 17, 2014, while interviewing lgbt authors of “‘Trans Bodies, Trans Selves’: A Modern Manual By And For Trans People”, Gross managed to reach new depths when she allowed an lgbt member to proffer, unchallenged, the notion that parents should remain passive as their children develop sexually.
The objective would be to create a generation less resistant to moral turpitude and more confused about normal human sexual behavior.
The prevailing theme, or elephant in the room, which Ms Gross proactively ignores is that each lgbt member ascribes their “identity” to their own personal perception. In other words.their mental conception of themselves; for which there is no empirical evidence that shows it is not an identity of their choosing.
Ms Gross also routinely perpetuates the unfounded analogies which juxtapose Blacks’ struggles to have their rights recognized and women’s suffrage to lgbt efforts to bully Americans into regarding sexual deviancy as an acceptable adjunct to normal society.
Blacks and females need only be born to be Black or female; and these facts can be scientifically, definitively ascertained from birth to as long as there exists sufficient material for DNA testing. The assimilation of Blacks and women into society required no fundamental changes to the societal paradigm and the benefit of their inclusion is self evident..
Conversely there is nothing to establish lgbt subculture members as anything other than normal human beings with deviant, perverse sexual proclivities. However, they require destruction of the marriage paradigm, and by extension the family paradigm, to feel validated; with no attendant benefit to society.
Hopefully Ms Gross will return to doing the work for which she has received recognition before she becomes permanently associated with disseminating foul air.



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