Conservatism, fiscal responsibility and limited government were once the hallmarks of the GOP, but they have become mere platitudes. The fact is the GOP is as irresponsible with our money as the democrats; the difference is how that choose to waste it.
For example, they spent nearly eighty million dollars to reveal that it is ill-advised for a US president to accept sexual favors from an emotionally immature slut; and worse to try and lie about it.
This is relevant because the GOP is posturing to waste more tax payer money on futile legal maneuvers.
Anyone somewhat familiar with the United States Constitution knows that it does not provide for trial of a US President, by the judiciary, for alleged malfeasance.
It is the sole responsibility of the congress to impeach and try the President. The extent of judiciary involvement is that the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court presides over the proceedings.
Judge Andrew Napolitano explains that as a practical matter this proposed lawsuit is ludicrous and a total waste of resources.
The problem is that all actions by all members of congress are dictated by their potential effect on the next election. All members of congress are too afraid of losing their jobs to do their jobs.
There are democrats that know what the president is doing is wrong; and they know that some actions that need to be taken will be unpopular. However, both parties are rife with immature, vindictive, begrudging people for whom what the country needs is the least of their concerns.
The minority party obstructs and denigrates the majority party in hopes of becoming the majority party in the next election.
Then, without compunction, they go on vacation to campaign and spend money they have not earned. We do not pay them just to be present on the hill; they comprise the preeminent legislative power and we pay them to legislate.
Neither party will ever control congress for any significant period of time so that voters who believe their party will someday dominate for all time are delusional. Voting to achieve party dominance on the hill simply perpetuates the problem.
It is impossible for people, elected to be adversarial, to debate in earnest. Therefore we must all begin to make better, intelligent choices.


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