Any intelligent, informed voter knows that the so-called presidential debates are little more than scripted, modified, televised versions of the dozens; as aptly demonstrated by the Obama/Romney debates. The objective is for a candidate to increase popularity by cleverly discrediting, denigrating or humiliating as many contenders as possible; while raising revenue for the venue.
Like Sarah Palin, Governor Rick Perry had trouble with the script during the 2012 presidential elimination games, euphemistically referred to as debates. However, unlike Palin, Perry freestyles quite well when simply saying what he really thinks; and what he thinks speaks volumes about who he is.
Rick Perry, unlike Barack Obama, clearly appreciates the substance and import of the tenth amendment to the United States Constitution. The fact that the tenth amendment is included in the Bill of Rights and was prerequisite to ratification of the Constitution portends the founders’ commitment to the preservation of state sovereignty. Also, unlike Obama and the 535 politicians on the hill, Perry is not a poll dancer. He does not “evolve” based on polling, rather he is informed by the law.
The Washington Post website posted an excerpt from a San Francisco interview in which Perry likened sexual deviancy to alcoholism; and a CNBC interview in which Joe Kernan, clearly an lgbt proponent, unsuccessfully attempted to bully Perry into recanting the analogy and acknowledging homosexuality as immutable. Perry did not and rightfully so. Only a homosexual would ascribe immutability to homosexuality.
Vaughn Walker, a homosexual, is the only member of the judicial branch to go on record with the false, unfounded assertion that a propensity for deviant sexual behavior is immutable. A mentally healthy person has the capacity to choose whether or not and with whom to engage in sexual activity as well as any other voluntary behavior; no scientist has ever empirically refuted that fact.
During the CNBC interview, Perry said he does not condone or condemn same gender matrimony, rather he respects the will of the people of the state of Texas; unlike Jerry Brown, Martin O’Malley and others. Same gender sodomy is a deviation from normal human sexual behavior.
Further, Rick Perry is fully prepared to circumscribe Obama’s efforts to contravene immigration laws by creating a latter day underground railroad which also serves as a conduit for criminal migration; in defense of his state and its border.
In short Rick Perry does the right thing; polls notwithstanding. Perry is what Chris Christie would be if Christie had courage.


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