images (4)Americans do not need another person in the White House who has no respect for the United States Constitution or the rule of law.

The Constitution mandates that no law shall deprive an American citizen the equal protection of the law. This means that all provisions of the Constitution, and any laws that flow therefrom, must apply indiscriminately to all Americans.

The notions of gay rights, women’s rights and human rights are not founded in the Constitution; and are in fact contraventions of the Constitution. There is no constitutional provision for anyone to be made equal or made to feel equal. The Constitution presupposes inherent equality and is mute on the subject of one’s “feelings”.

Hillary Clinton espouses the notions of gay rights and women’s rights which means she, like President Barack Obama, is an advocate,not a leader. Also, inasmuch as gay rights nor women’s rights are codified in federal law, she, like Obama, George W. Bush and our dysfunctional congress will defer to the courts, in furtherance of her advocacy; continuing the practice of violating the separation of powers; which confers omnipotence on the court in violation of the Constitution.

The current state of the country is a direct result of President Obama’s preoccupation with advancing domestic sub-cultural interests; such as citizenship for illegal immigrants to curry favor with hispanics, same gender matrimony to curry favor with the lgbt subculture; so-called contraceptive rights both to curry favor with women and preserve Obamacare; rather than focusing on long term sustainable immigration reform; sustainable coexistence in the Middle East, machinations within the CIA, etc..

Every indication is that Hillary will be more of the same including stagnation in congress if the GOP retains the house or unrestrained spending and further erosion of our constitutional rights should the democrats take the house and retain the senate.

The only reason democrats would nominate Hillary is because they think that, as a woman, she can win; not because she is qualified to lead the country. Obama was elected for similar reasons and look where it got us. We do not need a winner; we need a leader so that we can all be winners.


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