Senator Mitch McConnell vows that, if he is reelected, he will fight President Obama and resist any legislation which might negatively affect Kentucky’s coal industry.
If you listen closely, Mitch is telling you two very important reasons why you should not vote for him; he has no appreciation of the past and an unrealistic vision of Kentucky’s future.
Detroit Michigan is a graphic illustration of the vulnerability of an economy heavily reliant on a single industry and the consequences of miscalculating projections by not including all relevant dynamics.
It was not Bush, Obama or the government that scuttled Detroit; it was shortsightedness. The same shortsightedness Mitch demonstrates when, instead of working with the president to develop plans to diversify Kentucky and minimize the effect of inevitable reductions in coal demand, he touts himself as a spoil for the president.
Preemption is the product of forward thinking and infinitely cheaper than remediation which is what the “government bailout” was all about.
If Kentucky is to avoid a disaster like the one in Detroit, ditching Mitch would be a start and looking beyond Alison Grimes for an alternative is advisable.
Whether or not Obama’s plan is based on empirical science the fact is coal’s market share as an energy source will diminish over time and it would be folly to waste six more years of preparation for the future by reelecting Mitch McConnell.


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