President Barack Obama has been given the rare opportunity to correct one of the worst mistakes of his presidency; the appointment of Eric Holder to Attorney General of the United States.
Holder is clearly disdainful of white Americans as well as the United States Constitution. In his resignation speech, Holder said, “… the Department can and must always be a force for that which is right.”.
That statement and Holder’s comportment during the whole of his tenure; selectively enforcing or ignoring the law; are testament to the fact that from the very beginning Holder envisioned the role of attorney general as ACLU attache to the executive branch of the US government; crusading for America’s fringe; sexual deviants and substance abusers.
Holder failed to appreciate the distinction between rights and liberties. Refusing to uphold and defend valid laws constitutes dereliction at best, but is more likely malfeasance. It sends the message that if the system is too slow in addressing issues, one is justified in flouting the law.
There can be little doubt that had Michael Brown been white, Holder would never have gone to Ferguson, Mo but rather would have left it to the local authorities to investigate with perhaps cursory oversight from the DOJ. This is indicative of Holder’s racist side.
The only good aspect of Holder’s appointment is that he came with an exit strategy. He stated that he did not intend to serve for the duration of Obama’a presidency when he accepted the nomination and even though he has long since overstayed his welcome, it is better late than never.
Now the President has the opportunity to do something no other president has done; and possibly garner a modicum of legitimacy as a leader. President Obama’s nominee for attorney general should be a nonpartisan person with a solid record of adherence to the rule of law, without regard to popular opinion or political implication. We do not need an attorney general who advocates legalizing marijuana, ignoring Acts of Congress or executing hair-brained schemes for tracking weapons.
He or she should advise the president on the law; not ways to circumvent it.
The reason that the country is in such chaos is because the law is being degraded while congress and the president constantly vie for political advantage and the courts are allowed to legislate on a case by case basis.
Mr President you have a mulligan; please do not blow it.


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