As predicted, the Supreme Court of the United States (scotus) has opted to preserve its illusion of integrity. Not only is the supremely corrupt court not proactively addressing same gender matrimony before Christmas it seems it has no intention of acting anytime in the near future.
Without doubt, Anthony Kennedy, the scotus lgbt crusader, was poised to sally forth and declare that the nation must recognize same gender couples as married, despite the fact that such a declaration would have no constitutional founding.

The scotus however has apparently opted to accord tacit approval to the lgbt practice of selectively choosing jurisdictions, with unscrupulous judges, to bring challenges to marriage laws, in hopes that no case reaches an appeals court in which the judge(s) are learned in and loyal to the rule of law; in which case the court would be unable to duck the question.

Every real American needs to understand that this is not about lgbt or whether or not they are allowed to have their relationships validated. This is about the United States Constitution, the rule of law and purging a dysfunctional congress.

The Constitution nor the Judiciary Act express or imply that it is a function of the court to exalt and or expedite minority concerns by arbitrating a visceral standard of fairness over the rule of law. A minority concern is so because it is not shared by a significant percentage of the population. Groups which advocate minority views are not precluded from pursuing their interests through the established legislative process but it is improper and unconstitutional for the courts to contravene the legislative process.

It is also unconstitutional for the scotus or a lower federal court to charge a constitutional violation against a state’s constitution based on a convoluted contortion of a constitutional protection. There is no constitutional mandate that society indulge delusions such as those embraced by the lgbt subculture.

If you believe in government where the people, through their elected representatives, and not judges decide the tenets of their society, in November you should vote against all incumbents because all 535 current members of congress are guilty of allowing the courts to legislate in direct violation of the Constitution.


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