A few years ago The Pundit456 published a blog on tumblr; which is now republished on wordpress, called “HOW OLD IS TOO OLD?” which posits that it may be time to rethink lifetime tenure on the United States Supreme Court.
Unsurprisingly it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg who prompted the blog when she posited that members of the lgbt subculture should be accorded “suspect class” status. The presumption that a younger Ginsburg would have been outraged at the suggestion of such an egregious affront to the Constitution necessarily raises the question of whether age has diminished her willingness to be constrained by the Constitution; particularly when she is aspiring to establish a legacy.
It can be logically presupposed that a younger Ginsburg would appreciate that the constitutional provision for “equal protection” means that no group can be legally targeted to be disadvantaged or advantaged beyond that which is available to all. In fact, “protected classifications” and the notion of “heightened scrutiny” portend that the beneficiaries are not considered equal. Moreover, it presupposes that the disadvantaged group must be minority; minority in its true numeric sense, not the colloquial racial or sexual preference applications.
This fact was recognized by a more learned court in Bakke v University of California when it ruled that disadvantaging a group based on race, regardless of its percentage of the population, is in fact unconstitutional.
Notwithstanding, Ginsburg is once again asserting, by implication, that Blacks inherently lack the wherewithal to fully participate in American democracy without government intervention. There can be no doubt that her view is visceral, politically motivated and not founded on the law, yet she submitted it as an official dissent nonetheless. Would not a younger Ginsburg been able to apply the law and refrain from writing a dissent ridden with inflammatory hyperbole?
In truth the only Blacks likely to be disadvantaged by the Texas laws are the ones affiliated with the political party that does not want to suppress their votes; but rather it wants to control their votes by suppressing them. Blacks who truly want to actively participate in the democratic process beyond just voting will have proper identification.
In January of 2014 The Pundit456 published “VAPID AND VACUOUS” which posits that more often than not the female members of the court will vote in unison; Ginsburg is joined in her dissent only by the other two female members.
Fortunately the majority was correct; unfortunately it was a passive ruling which means it is ephemeral.
This is the second such ruling since the court began its current session. The Pundit456 also predicted the courts inaction on ssm in “WHY SCOTUS MAY WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS” which highlights the importance of voting this midterm, not for party but for the country. The only way to stop the court from imposing its personal views on the country is to have a functioning congress which will enforce the separation of powers; and the power to legislate is constitutionally vested exclusively in the congress, not the courts.
Whether you read The Pundit456 or do your own research one thing is certain; continuing to vote as you always have will yield the same result, a congress that talks about doing and a judiciary that does as it pleases.Ginsburg proved The Pundit456 correct because she is who she is; she could not have done otherwise.


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