When Mark Sanford found himself sexually attracted to the Argentinian woman, to whom he is now married, would it be fair to say he had no choice in the matter? Or, when Jesse Jackson’s sexual attraction compelled him to engage in another kind of “operation push” with a Rainbow employee, could he not have chosen otherwise? Arnold Schwarzenegger? How about Mary Kay Letourneau? Were we wrong to hold her criminally responsible for succumbing to her sexual attraction to another human being?

Thus far no one has even attempted to defend the actions of these people on the premise that sexual attraction preempted their ability to make appropriate choices. It is presumed they had the ability to choose and simply made bad choices.

Where then do we get the notion that so called gay people cannot choose? Are they less intelligent; more primal or, mentally deficient than the aforementioned people? If they are in fact equal to all other human beings, should they not be held to the same standard?

Two facts comprise the fatal flaw in the premise that homosexuality is not a choice: (1) same gender sodomy is not normal human sexual behavior and (2) sexual behavior is learned.

To the first point, no medical experts have ever established the mouth or anus to be sex organs, no matter who employs them in that manner. As to the second, children grow up seeing mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, aunt and uncle, etc., and subconsciously learn the structure of a normal husband/wife relationship. Then parents have “the talk” or children get a version of the talk from their friends. Also, the government has invested millions in sex education programs. Children then either follow what they have been taught or choose to deviate.

Everyone, if honest, would attest to receiving extraneous sexual information/instruction prior to first becoming sexually active; excepting rape, incest and child molestation, of course.

In fact it has been well established that victims of child molestation, at the time, had no conception of what was being done to them; further attesting that sexual knowledge is not innate.

In that choice is a mental function, it is not possible to conclusively demonstrate that sexual behavior is not a choice. Conversely, voluntary action necessarily presupposes a conscious choice. As long as there is at least one option, regardless of its desirability, action portends a choice having been made. Inaction suggests either a choice not to act or a choice not to choose.

There is, therefore, no choice but to conclude that the sexual behavior of mentally healthy persons is a choice.


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