The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization has long been touted for helping boys develop strong moral character and an ethical approach to life.  It has helped to strengthen father/son relationships and provided role models for boys whose fathers were not active in their lives. BSA also implicitly promised to ensure the safety of the boys entrusted to its care.

The BSA successfully defended its integrity before the US Supreme court in the Dale v. BSA case. However, since then the court has been populated with justices committed to advancing their own agendas; and BSA has allowed subversives such as Robert Gates to infiltrate its governing body.

Gates’ conflict of interests is evident as he cites dissident behavior by New York BSA chapters as a compelling reason for BSA to nationally rebuke its moral tenets. However, the US Supreme court found, in Dale v BSA, that “…the First Amendment simply does not require that every member of a group agree on every issue in order for the group’s policy to be “expressive association.” The Boy Scouts takes an official position with respect to homosexual conduct, and that is sufficient for First Amendment purposes.”; which means the aberrant antics of New York do not void BSA first amendment protection.

Gates’ disdain for the fundamental tenets of the BSA is obvious in his citation of economic concerns; i.e., membership reduction and litigation costs, as additional bases to abandon morality in deference to the lgbt subculture.

If Gates was qualified to lead the BSA he would have advised it of the facts it needed to defend itself rather than advocating surrender. Facts such as “case law” is “not law”. The US Constitution vests “all” power to make law in congress, therefore the courts cannot make law.

Also, the US Constitution does not prohibit discrimination; in fact the first two article of the Constitution mandate discrimination on the bases of age and national origin. The only bases for discrimination which are prohibited by law are enumerated in the Civil Rights Act; sexual preference, orientation or interests are not listed; nor is there any implication which could logically be construed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual deviancy.

These facts constitute a legitimate and sound foundation for the BSA to adhere to its policy of not knowingly exposing boys in its care to perversity or other instances of moral turpitude.

Robert Gates is apparently an lgbt mole and the BSA would be ill-advised to follow his counsel.

This is a seminal moment for the BSA that will determine its future for all times. None of the tenets espoused by the BSA can be considered valid if the BSA is not willing to defend them. Over one hundred years spent building an honorable reputation will be lost as well as the trust and reverence of non lgbt Americans.


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