Countless Americans have trekked to Emerald City, also known as the Supreme Court of the United States (scotus), to petition the wizards of Oz; euphemistically called justices; to magically grant wishes; believing the wizards to be all powerful.

The wizards have heretofore been all too accommodating both because of the need to perpetuate the myth of scotus’ power and because, unlike L.Frank Baum’s wizard who knew he was a fraud, the scotus wizards actually believe themselves to be an omnipotent entity.

Like the scarecrow who wanted a brain. George W Bush, by proxy, told the wizards he wanted to be President of the United States. The wizards waved their wands and declared that all vote counting would cease and Bush would be declared the winner.

Like the tin man who wanted a heart, corporations wanted to be human. The wizards waved their wand and announced to all that henceforth corporations would be regarded as persons.

The lgbt subculture trekked to Oz seeking a constitutional right to have their marriage parodies recognized as legitimate. The wizards, convinced by the fact that congress had repeated demonstrated its ignorance that it has the power to stop them, stepped from behind the curtain for all to see it is not magic, it is just power ceded them by an incompetent congress and a factious population; but not by the US Constitution.

Now that the wizards have been exposed as frauds the question is will congress continue to serve them or will it assert its constitutional preeminence and rebuke them? Ask your senator or representative who they will serve.


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