Facebook has implemented a more targeted, and far more dangerous, method of acquiring information about people than the massive data accumulation method used by the National Security Agency (NSA). Facebook demands that certain people submit to it a photo identification document, with date of birth, for continued access to its site.

Facebook demands up to three pieces of identification if the name, photo and date of birth do not all appear on any one piece of identification. Examples Facebook provides are a driver’s license, student ID, transit pass or library card.

A legitimate purpose for this solicitation is not readily discernible but the nefarious utilities are myriad. At the very least this exposes one to identity theft; but it can also result in personal injury or death.

A photo identification with one’s name and date of birth is sufficient to allow one to be located in real life. It can allow someone to identify and surreptitiously surveil that person at the market; taking their child to daycare; at the movie theater; in church; etc..

Once zealots have the means to positively identify you in real life, you are no longer free to express an opinion for fear of offending a fanatical group which could appear on your lawn; in your workplace; at your child’s school.

With a copy of your transit pass your travels can be tracked through the transit’s system. Your library card can help to establish when, where and how often you visit the library, what you do there and your general geographic travel area; and a student ID narrows the geographic area even more. Additionally it identifies, in real life, friends and family who are not on Facebook but might be used as a means to get to you.

In today’s climate, how easy would it be to have a premeditated murder written off as a random act of violence or a “hate crime”?

Apparently the impetus for Facebook to target me was my dissemination of factual information demonstrating that Kim Davis is being persecuted and that “case law” is not law under the US Constitution. The denial of service and demand for photo identification came in close proximity to Mike Huckabee delivering the same message.

I sent an inquiry to Facebook requesting justification for requiring submission of documentation that could make me vulnerable to identity theft and or physical harm. While I awaited a response, I continued to disseminate the information from a friend’s Facebook page. Within hours he too was denied service pending submission of photo identification; which defies all statistical probability of coincidence.

When Facebook, finally responded to my inquiry, it said,

“Thanks for contacting us. It looks like you filled out the wrong form. We’re sorry for the confusion. Please fill out the form below to get back into your account:


You’ll also need to attach a copy of your ID so we can confirm that this is your authentic name. These documents must show your name, photo, and date of birth. To learn about the types of ID we accept, visit the Help Center:


The Facebook Team”

If Mark Zuckerberg is not personally complicit in this activity he has obviously  ceded power to a malicious, dangerous group of people who have no compunction about abusing that power; and, without any government constraints whatsoever, pose more of a threat to Americans than the NSA ever did.

You may think this scenario incredulous, but before you upload a photo ID to Facebook, you may want to consider whether or not it is worth putting so many people in your life forever at risk just to use  a social media site.


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