Twenty First Century JU$TICE

diana gribbon motz cap

Paying the Piper

Since the 2000 presidential election, when the US Supreme Court (scotus) brazenly; and in contravention of the US Constitution, insinuated itself and essentially decided the election. no intelligent person has harbored any illusion of a separation of powers; nor any doubt that the scotus had succumbed to the absolute corruption which attends omnipotence. The Fourth Circuit decision is evidence that the corruption has permeated the whole of the judicial branch.

The most striking element of the 4th Circuit Court’s decision, in the case involving North Carolina’s voting laws, is Judge Diana Gribbon Motz.

In 1994 President Bill Clinton appointed Diana Gribbon Motz to a newly created seat on the 4th circuit court. Now Bill Clinton’s wife is running for president and Motz writes an opinion intended to tilt the ballots in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Whether it was quid pro quo or a Don Corleone style “one day I may ask you a favor” kind of deal; there can be no doubt of a nefarious dynamic in this decision.

The US Census indicates that North Carolina’s Black population is 21.3% of the state’s total population. Some of them are affluent; some are millionaires and yes there is also a Black billionaire North Carolinian; and the majority of the 21.3% are unaffected by the challenged laws. Therefore it is absurd and unfounded for anyone to suggest that the laws discriminate based on race.

The “most important” fact is that “nothing” in the US Constitution or any other federal legislation, empowers “any court” to amend, expand, repeal, invalidate or otherwise alter any duly enacted legislation; nor is it empower to enact legislation.

Moreover, in this case, the alleged harm is complete speculation. Inasmuch as the election has not occurred it is impossible to assess harm, if any. It is impossible to determine the number of people who were unable to obtain proper identification after making an earnest effort; which means it is also impossible to distinguish those who were unable to get identification from those who were not inclined to try.

In any event, there is nothing to support an allegation of race based discrimination; and invalidating the laws is “not” a remedy at the court’s disposal.

In twenty first century America, justice is all about the Benjamin$. Someone pays the justices to speak; someone buys their books; and someone publishes their books.


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