Hillary Clinton had some good ideas for social programs which could actually be made viable.

Donald Trump had the best ideas for moving America toward becoming a more secure and lawful nation.

The problem is both candidates have devolved into a hood-rat mentality the likes of which you find on so called reality shows; hosted and instigated by media; and encouraged by a mindless public more preoccupied with whether their player wins than with the consequences of either winning.

Inasmuch as we are faced with a daunting conundrum, of which too many American either do not appreciate its gravity; or are not sufficiently competent to intelligently contemplate its solution; perhaps the only way to choose a candidate is by choosing the candidate who stops playing the ad hominem game first; who gets on the topic of their own resume and ideas and stops trying to denigrate the other candidate; who stops trying to win by turning the public against the other.

If neither stops; if both continue until election date, every voter should enter the voting booth and vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

That is the only way to ensure that this epic reality show style campaign does not become the normal campaign paradigm. If neither candidate can stop themselves we must stop them both by demonstrating that this is “not” the way to get elected President of the United States.


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