Black Americans have been likened to a bucket of live crabs. Very few, if any, crabs escape the bucket because they hold each other down.

Colin’s biological mother was about to toss him into the bucket, but the Kaeperninck’s rescued him; nourished him, nurtured him, allowed him to grow and venture out into the world unfettered by crabs.

Apparently, however, the crabs found Colin. They made him feel guilty for avoiding the bucket and lured him into it; but before jumping in the bucket he had to inflict pain on those who enabled him to avail himself of opportunities to become a successful American.

Colin did just that. He disrespected the country, the flag, himself and everyone who had ever tried to help him along the way.

Then he had the temerity to imply that Americans should be “proud” of his unprovoked, egregiously disrespectful rebuke of “…the flag and the Republic for which it stands…”.

Colin Kaepernick does not speak for Blacks. Not only are Blacks not oppressed by white Americans, there are Black Americans rich enough to buy his contract and bench him forever.

Colin Kaepernicks’s message is, notwithstanding education, opportunity and success even bi-racial Black Americans suffer from race based myopia; reproaching those they perceive as judging them based on race, while judging others based on their race.

Yes, there are Black racists; and Colin Kaepernick is one of them.


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