While many are lauding Colin Kaepernick’s new found Black awareness, most Americans are not listening to him because apparently he never learned a fundamental rule; insults and disrespect tend to preclude effective communication.

Disrespecting the flag and the country to try and make his point is like one of those commercials or PSA’s that is so over-produced it leaves you wondering what it was trying to say or sell.

Moreover, what makes Kaepernick’s antics so pathetic is that even when he gets someone’s attention, he has nothing to say. He is replete with complaints but has no viable solutions; which is understandable because he has failed to correctly identify the problem.

Before one can intelligently contemplate preventing casualties of encounters with law enforcement, one must first examine why the encounter occurred. If the person was engaged in illegal activity or reasonably suspected of illegal activity, the race of the suspect and or the law enforcement officer is not germane to that discussion.

Whether or not an encounter initiated by law enforcement is justified should never be debated on the street, because debating is resisting and resisting can have lethal consequences; rendering moot the question of justification.

If Kaepernick was genuinely interested in addressing the issue, instead of wasting time disrespecting the flag, he would counsel young people on appropriateĀ deportment when interacting with law enforcement; and the appropriate method of reporting improprieties to the proper authorities. This is how you reduce or prevent fatalities at the hand of law enforcement.

Before doing so, however, Kaepernick should learn to be respectful because while most Americans will not harm him for disrespecting the flag, “dissing” is not tolerated in the ‘hood; regardless of color.



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