Haven’t we had enough? Don’t like Hillary because she’s cold?; when she’s hot she’s worse!

First they tell us all of the great things they are going to do for us. Then they tell how bad the other candidates are. Then it’s down to two and they attack each other; and when desperation sets in they attack us.

Hillary Clinton is not a better person than Donald Trump; she is just the flip side of the same coin insofar as character is concerned; except Trump attacks individuals, Hillary denigrates millions; six and a half million of the thirteen million Americans who voted for Trump, in fact.

It is not possible to lead a country when you disdain a significant portion of the population. Obama has proven that. He is the President but he has not led this country to a better place. Race relations are worse than ever; juvenile violence is rapidly escalating; ISIS is ubiquitous and well armed with our weapons; Iraq is in turmoil; North Korea is flexing; Putin is flexing; and Obama is importing terrorists and protecting illegal aliens from law enforcement; all the while contravening the US Constitution trying to have his way.

Hillary promises more of the same. Having a Black President did not do any more for Blacks than having a female President will do for women. The dubious distinctions of first Black or first female are of no value to the county.

We have had enough abuse from politicians. We need to make better choices.


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