Obvious to the most casual observer was the fact that in 2008, if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continued to vie for the presidency, both would lose; and if Obama had stepped down, Blacks would have retaliated against Clinton; believing she had forced him to bow out. .

So Hillary agreed to deliver the female vote to Obama with the understanding that, if he won, at the end of his term, he would deliver the Black vote to her.

However, Hillary’s abysmal record as Secretary of State and her unfortunate “basket of deplorables” remark have made a “full-throated” endorsement from Obama insufficient; requiring him to resort to desperate measures.

President Barack Obama has abandoned any facade that he is an unqualified American, and made an undeniably racist appeal to Black Americans; a threat of sorts. He said that it would be a “personal insult” if any Black American voter did not vote for Hillary Clinton; however it is Black Americans who should be personally insulted.

Had Obama lived on a plantation during slavery, he would have been the slave they used to keep the other slaves in line; using his color to establish rapport while ready to betray them for any talk or action that might jeopardize his favor with the master.

Hillary Clinton proposes to keep Blacks dependent on government coffers. She has no plan to help them earn prosperity; rather her plan is to force others to give it to them. She does not propose that government be a means to a better end; rather that government itself be the end.

Obama needs the Black vote to pay his debt to Hillary; the question is are Blacks content with being Obama’s currency?


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