Barack Obama is the first American President uniquely qualified to change the racial narrative in this country. During his first campaign for the presidency, Oprah Winfrey proclaimed that Barack Obama has a ‘tongue dipped in truth’; but since taking office, Obama’s duplicity has belied Winfrey’s estimation of his veracity. He has never shared the profound truths prerequisite to fundamentally changing race relations in this country.

One such truth is that a racist is anyone whose thoughts, words, acts or deeds are informed by racial preconceptions. For example, it was racist for President Obama to dispatch the Department of Justice (DOJ) to Ferguson, Missouri, on the presumption of impropriety, simply because a Black suspect was shot and killed by a Caucasian police officer in the performance of his duty. It was racist for the DOJ to then expand its investigation to include the entire police department after it had determined there was no impropriety on the part of the officer.

It is racist for Obama to place the onus for eradicating racism on Caucasian Americans when most of the people responsible for perpetuating racism in America are Black; which includes Barack Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus, the largest government sanctioned racist organization in America.

Another truth Obama fails to share is that the term “African American” denotes a qualified American; a subset of America which, by definition, is inferior to the set and logically precluded from ever being equal to the set. For example, a Black Miss America will always be inferior to a Miss America who is Black, because the latter represents the country while the former represents a subset of the country.

In games like bowling and golf they try to “level the playing field” by handicapping inferior players or teams. Obama seeks to handicap Blacks by calling for police to exercise inordinate restraint when interacting with Black suspects or perpetrators; and advocating for court leniency when sentencing non-violent offenders; as if the absence of violence makes their offenses any less criminal. This is of course absurd but it resonates with a large segment of the Black population that is easily exploited.

Obama could have denounced so called “protests” as the excuses for crime, looting and vandalism that they are. He could have said that there is nothing to protest unless and until the system has had a chance to work. He could have said that their participation in local elections is what determines how well their system works. He said none of these things.

Obama could have denounced the myth of the so called “Black experience”; because Blacks are not monolithic and do not experience America in the same way; and it is racist to imply otherwise. He could have denounced so called “hate crime legislation” as unconstitutional; because the US Constitution’s provision for equal protection under the law is not predicated on motive; and because most violent crimes have an element of animus or “hate”. He did not.

There are many things President Barack Obama could have said or done to improve race relations in America and light a path to self sufficiency and prosperity for those having difficulty finding one; but he did not. He made things worse by putting his own ambition above all else.

Instead of speaking truth he chose to exploit ignorance; as when he said it would be a “personal insult” to ‘his legacy’ if Black Americans did not back Hillary Clinton for president. This is in service to his debt to her and has nothing to do with the interests of Black Americans; though he deliberately alludes that it does.

Barack Obama was elected because he is Black; he ascended to the presidency on the backs of Blacks; but instead of lowering them a ladder; in an egregious act of betrayal, he dropped them an anchor that will hold them down until they discover theses truths for themselves.



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