chris-trmpPresidential candidate Donald J. Trump has alleged, among other things, that media is biased and has a vested interest in effecting the outcome of the 2016 election. The performance of Chris Wallace as moderator for the final so called debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton demonstrates that Mr Trump’s concerns are well founded.

Whether out of ignorance or malice Wallace posed questions based on incorrect information; he omitted facts resulting in distorted truth; and he was confrontational clearly indicating that media has come to regard integrity as a luxury it cannot afford.

Wallace asked whether or not Roe v. Wade; the law purported to have legalized abortion; should be over turned. The fact is Roe v. Wade was a court case and the decision in that case did not legalize anything. Court decisions are not tantamount to legislation. Under the US Constitution “all” legislative power is vested in congress.

Expanding, amending, invalidating (a.k.a. striking down) or otherwise altering duly enacted legislation is not a remedy at the disposal of the court under the US Constitution or any other federal legislation.

Wallace also asked in what direction the candidates believed the court should take the country. The fact is it is not a function of the court to lead the country anywhere; that is a function of the office of the President to the United States. The fact that neither candidate seemed to possess this knowledge clearly indicated neither has any appreciation of the responsibilities of the executive branch.

Then Wallace assumes a confrontational posture; inappropriate for a moderator; and attempts to badger Trump into committing to accepting the outcome of the election, despite his reservations as to its propriety. Wallace alluded that failure to accept the results was unprecedented, and that Trump’s allegations of rigging and impropriety were potentially damaging to our democracy.

The fact is the most extreme contestation of a presidential election result occurred in the 2000 election which was marked by repeated recounting of ballots; and the unconstitutional insinuation of the supreme court into the election process.

Moreover, the 2008 election was rife with allegations of voter suppression; and while the activist group known as ACORN maintained a degree of plausible deniability, fraudulent voter registration practices among its workers was shown to be ubiquitous.

Chris Wallace, like all media today, was not intent on informing the public; rather his intent was to manipulate and influence the voting public; instigating rather than engaging; propagating rather than eliciting.

Chris Wallace shows that not only should Trump be concerned, so should the rest of the American voting public.


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