During the 2016 presidential debates, Hillary Clinton claimed to have been aware of the tax code provisions which allowed Donald Trump to “legally” avoid paying taxes. She claims to have tried to remove those provisions from the code; but failed.

Hillary Clinton, as a member of the body responsible for writing the tax code was unable to change the code and blames Trump because he capitalized on her failure.

Hillary Clinton blames Donald Trump for her incompetence and ineffectiveness while she was in congress.

She also blamed the four Americans in Benghazi for their own deaths because, according to her, they failed to advise her how to do her job as Secretary of State. She failed to intuit  and preempt the imminent threat which resulted in their deaths; but blamed them.

Hillary Clinton blamed Colin Powell for her inept attempt to use a private server to circumvent established State Department communication protocols.

Whom would she blame for a failed presidency? Barack Obama spent much of his term blaming George Bush. Would Hillary blame Obama or generally blame “Republicans”.

Isn’t it time to stop the blame game? We should not give Hillary Clinton yet another opportunity to fail.


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