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Donald Trump’s admonishment of the cast of Hamilton is not unlike Hillary Clinton’s propensity to tell people what to think, how to feel; and to compel apologies for what she deemed “inappropriate” comments.

Ironically, Trump has been unapologetic for his offensive comments and decried “political correctness” throughout his campaign. Indeed the impetus for much of his support was his rebuke of “political correctness”.

One would expect that the cast of Hamilton would have had the professionalism and maturity to be honored that the United States Vice President-elect chose to patronize their production and appreciate the impropriety of admonishing him or any patron.

Presumably other celebrities and public officials will rethink plans to attend the production for fear they may be subjected to similar ridicule and embarrassment. Only time will tell the ultimate cost, if any, to the production for the cast’s impromptu, unsolicited, offensive theatrics.

In the meantime President-elect Donald Trump should apologize for inappropriately admonishing the cast; both because it is warranted and to show that he can admit when he is wrong.


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