Petitions for recounts and increasingly ubiquitous allegations of election tampering by Russia make it abundantly clear that Americans made the right choice ; not so much in electing Donald Trump as in not electing Hillary Clinton. Her hypocrisy and lack of scruples reaffirm her her unwillingness to live by the same rules she would impose upon others.

Clinton has long regarded herself as the heir apparent to the oval office. When she felt her ascension was certain, she sought to preempt a Trump challenge to the general election results by declaring such a challenge “horrifying” and stating that it would undermine the faith in the integrity of our elections. Most unfortunate statements indeed when; inconceivable to her, she lost.

Faced with the conundrum of having to defend herself against her own hyperbolic rhetoric or accepting the election results, she conceived a third option. She enlisted the other erstwhile female presidential candidate, Jill Stein to contest election results in so called “battleground” states by petitioning recounts; ostensibly for comparison between the popular vote and the electoral vote awards, even though there is no constitutional mandate for correlation between popular vote tallies and the electoral college.

Hillary Clinton’s complicity in the thinly veiled ruse was confirmed when; instead of rebuking Stein for engaging in the same activity Clinton had admonished Trump against, Clinton’s campaign joined in Stein’s efforts.

Barack Obama then brought the full weight of his administration to bear by having the CIA unequivocally declare that Vladimir Putin had personally orchestrated attacks on DNC computers in order to facilitate Donald Trump’s win.

Exactly how that could be effected is unclear; however, alluding that our system is so vulnerable that it can be breached and manipulated by a foreign power halfway around the world does more to degrade confidence in the integrity of our elections than any candidate contesting election results.

It is also testament as to just how desperately Hillary Clinton wants to be president; and how right America was not to elect her.


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