In this country there has long been a presumption that every life matters to someone; if only to the person living it. Indeed the number of people to whom the life of (“Black Lives Matter co-founder) Alicia Garza matters was substantially lower prior to her rise from relative obscurity; thanks to her serendipitous celebrity, acquired through her exploitation of racial stereotypes and a segment of the Black population.

The problem with ad hoc coalitions, however, is that the situation which occasions their creation must persist in order for the coalition to remain relevant. Therefore it is never the intent of the founders of such organizations to institute effective long term solutions; rather they seek to sustain the support of their followers by appearing to champion their cause.

For example, calling for “police-free communities” may elicit cheers from the demographic she purports to represent; but it is impractical and as absurd as the notion that a person’s life matters simply by virtue of their race. A police-free community is a place for crime to flourish; particularly because there is a Black criminal element to whom Black lives do not matter; who will rape, rob and kill other Black Americans without compunction.

Asserting that someone else is responsible for the maladies which plague the demographic she purports to represent, may resonate with those who are not inclined to accept responsibility for poor choices they have made; but the fact is there are millions of Black Americans who know that their lives matter, not because of their race; rather because of the kind of people they are.

There are Black Americans who make an honest living; do not use drugs; do not irresponsibly procreate; nor do they join gangs, raise gang members or harbor criminals. They are proactively involved in their children’s development and education. Their lives matter and they are raising children whose lives will matter’ not because they are Black, but because they are productive members of society.

In that Ms. Garza’s celebrity, felicity and prosperity are linked to the Black Lives Matter campaign, there is no question why Black Lives Matter to Alicia Garza.


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