Apparently Tammy Baldwin is confident that the people of Wisconsin will continue to defer to visceral appeals rather than employing intellect and commonsense.

With ISIS flourishing; Syria becoming increasingly volatile; the imminent repeal of Obamacare and various other pressing issues, Baldwin’s paramount concern is securing access to females in restroom and shower facilities for sexual perverts; an issue clearly within the purview of the respective states and outside the scope of congress.

Rather than representing her state on the national stage, Baldwin has emerged as a vociferous crusader for the lgbt subculture; a subculture coalesced around sexual perversion and deviancy. Baldwin vowing to wage war against the incoming administration on behalf of that subculture leaves no doubt as to where her allegiance lies.

Nothing in the United States Constitution expresses or implies a right for anyone to be liked or accepted by anyone else; nor does it empower congress to legislate away the right of Americans to choose whom they like, accept or with whom they choose not to associate.

So called transgender people are people who do not embrace or accept reality; opting instead for their alternate version of reality; which many Americans find objectionable. Tammy Baldwin has no right to try and force those Americans to assuage the angst of lgbt members regarding their chosen lifestyle; yet that is exactly what she proposes to do. This suggests that perhaps Baldwin herself has a tenuous relationship with reality.

Despite bullying from certain performers and lgbt activists, North Carolina is still solvent and its female population can still enjoy relative safety from sexual perverts while using public restrooms and shower facilities, so that her threats to wage an economic war may be significantly less effective than she envisions.

Hopefully Wisconsin voters are taking note and preparing to, next term, elect a senator with a firmer grip on reality.


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