Bitter over the imminent repeal of “Obamacare”; offended that Donald Trump finds his leadership skills inferior to Vladimir Putin’s; and obliged to avenge Hillary Clinton’s loss, President Barack Obama has employed the CIA to launch a propaganda assault against Trump in an effort to diminish his popularity. Ironically, in doing so Obama validates Trump’s assertions; particularly after Obama expelled Russian diplomats without Russian reciprocity.

The integrity of the CIA, in this instance, is dubious for several reasons. For one thing, as any law enforcement investigator will tell you, you do not reveal the results of an ongoing investigation until you have actionable evidence of a crime and a perpetrator.

This is not Watergate; which involved an actual physical break in, which is a crime, and a conspiracy; and it was reporters, not the CIA, that initially discovered that crime.

The CIA is alleging that Russia influenced the presidential election but it fails to say how. It does not claim that voting machines were corrupted; and even if that were the allegation, inasmuch as Hillary Clinton is claiming the popular vote, such a breach would have benefited her more than Trump.

The CIA is also not alleging a breach of the electoral college. In fact the only basis for CIA allegations of election tampering is Hillary Clinton’s incredulity regarding the results.

There is no palpable effect that can be cogently ascribed to any hacking activity by any entity foreign or domestic, so that Donald Trump is correct to question the impetus and validity of the CIA report. In all likelihood Obama chose to cast aspersions on Putin to provoke Trump and influence a gullible public.

Instead of impartial leadership President Obama bulldozed Obamacare through congress; and then sided with the lgbt subculture against the American people; so, as his friend Jeremiah Wright would say, the chickens have come home to roost.


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