New York US Senator Charles Schumer told NPR’s All Things Considered, and anyone else who would listen, that as the “leader” of democrats in the senate he has no intention of cooperating in any attempt to construct a viable replacement for the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., Obamacare.

Schumer intends that the incoming Trump administration be seen as inflicting pain on the beneficiaries of the favorable aspects of Obamacare, prompting them to give democrats control of congress in the midterm election; even though Schumer has no clue how to go about replacing or even repairing Obamacare. After all, Obamacare was not his plan; he had no plan.

Schumer is preparing to wage war against the incoming administration because congress has long since abandoned reliance upon its industry to secure reelection; opting instead to denigrate, obstruct and antagonize their opponents in hopes the public will perceive their opponents as ineffective and undesirable.

No intelligent, prudent human being can reasonably doubt that there is a game being played in congress; by people with a juvenile mentality; and the American people are merely a means to an end.

Notwithstanding the partisan dynamic, republicans and democrats are equally culpable. All 535 members of congress are preoccupied with their own self interest and have no compunction about exploiting anyone for their own personal enrichment. They all fear being associated with any unpopular law, even if they know the law is prudent and necessary. Instead they defer to the courts, which makes congress derelict in its Constitutional obligations; and ceding its legislative power to the courts contravenes the Constitution and the separation of powers.

Congress on the whole is dysfunctional; and Charles Schumer epitomizes the cause of that dysfunction.


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