bookerSenator Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, opposes the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General of the United States because he fears Sessions will comply, to the letter, with “all” of the laws of the United States. Booker’s testimonial statement expresses apprehensions that Sessions will not advance certain movements, efforts and ideals; but Booker apparently has no doubt that Sessions will adhere to the law; and that worries Booker.

Cory Booker is a racist who got elected exploiting racial issues and Black Americans. He is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC); a group which denies membership on the basis of race. It is disingenuous for Booker to speak of “healing” because the CBC is committed to CULTIVATING RACISM.

It is hypocritical for Booker to speak of healing while advocating so called criminal justice reform; the effect of which would be to release criminals earlier to again prey on their own communities including the random, inadvertent and deliberate killing, intimidation and victimization of residents.

Booker does not support equal protection under the law for all Americans. He supported former Attorney General Eric Holder; who is also a racist, when he denied Darren Wilson his constitutional right to due process and allowed him to be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion; because Wilson is white.

Then when Holder was unable to find evidence of wrongdoing on Wilson’s part, Booker urged Holder to expand his McCarthy-style inquisition to include the predominately white Ferguson police department; an action which clearly violated Missouri’s tenth amendment rights and was unsupported by the Civil Rights Act.

Cory Booker supports sanctuary cities which involves harboring fugitives and obstruction of justice; both crimes. He also supports the selective enforcement of immigration laws; so called hate crime legislation which clearly violates equal protection;  and completely ignoring valid Acts of Congress.

Booker asserts that there can be no law and order without justice, but the fact is there can be no justice without law and order. The law establishes the standard for what is just. Article III of the United States Constitution requires the judicial branch to administer justice in accordance with the law. Selective enforcement of the law is not only unjust, it is also a precursor to anarchy.

The election of Donald Trump is Americans’ attempt to preempt fruition of the seeds of anarchy planted by President Obama, current US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former US Attorney General Eric Holder with their selective recognition and enforcement of the laws of the United States.

Cory Booker is a corrupt self-serving member of congress and makes an excellent case for confirming Jeff Sessions



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