Dianne Feinstein and other Hillary Clinton supporters are still so incredulous that Clinton lost the presidential election that they are willing to ascribe blame to anyone or anything other than that America simply did not want an Obama sequel.

Feinstein, on Meet The Press, essentially echoed the allegations that are popular among Hillary supporters and Donald Trump opponents; which are that Trump cheated and Putin helped.

The irony is that Feinstein is actually demonstrating why Americans do not trust Hillary Clinton.

Hillary admonished Donald Trump for casting doubt on the election process and said that disputing the outcome or in any way interfering with the peaceful transfer of power would be damaging to our democracy.

She said this because she was certain she would win, but when she lost, it made it difficult for her to personally contest the results without being attacked by her own words, so she enlisted Jill Stein to act as her proxy seeking ballot recounts.

Now she has Feinstein and others propagating a nefarious Russian connection theory; but if the DNC had not committed incriminating information to emails, the hacking would have been moot

Feinstein is also poised to try and punish James Comey; notwithstanding the facts that Comey told congress the investigation was being reopened and it was congress that leaked the information; and, had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed established State Department communication protocols there would have been no need for any investigation.

Either Feinstein is so angry that she does not realize how ridiculous she sounds or she believes Hillary’s supporters will be too incensed to care that her allegations are unsupported by relevant facts.


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