images-5Like a sulking child who did not get his way, US Representative John Lewis refused to attend the inauguration of President Donald Trump in an attempt to foster an acrimonious relationship between Trump and  Black Americans because Lewis has no idea how to constrain him.

There can be no doubt that John Lewis would not be in congress if he were not Black. For decades he has stood with one foot on the grave of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; which garnered him the dubious distinction of “civil rights icon”; and the other on the backs of Blacks. His treks to Selma, Alabama are intended to shame white Americans over the past and admonish Black Americans that he is the bastion between them and a return to government mandated racial segregation.

Ironically John Lewis is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC); an organization committed to CULTIVATING RACISM; that mandates racial segregation in its own membership; and, it is committed to the proposition of a separate but equal Black America within America.

Former presidents have been persuaded to entertain a Black agenda by the threat of being labeled a racist; incurring the ire of the public; and, the righteous indignation of so called Black leaders; but Donald Trump was elected president despite all efforts to so demonize him; and he is not afraid of Lewis.

That the so called “race card” might be rendered null and void is a dynamic Lewis never contemplated; and the prospect infuriated him to the point he engaged in malicious hyperbole, declaring Trump an “illegitimate president” , a spurious charge reminiscent of the juvenile antics of the republican primary.

In fact the juvenility of the republican primary coupled with the childish sullenness of some democrats provides a clearer picture of why congress is so dysfunctional.

If John Lewis is smart he will retire while he can still do so with some dignity.


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