There can be no doubt that most of these women have deluded themselves into believing they are accomplishing something important; oblivious that they are reiterating the old stereotype about women being inherently emotional, irrational and not inclined to engage their intellect.

Even if this demonstration had a clearly defined objective, it has no hope of accomplishing anything substantive because this is not the procedure, prescribed in the United States Constitution, to petition the government for redress of grievances; and being unhappy with the results of a free and fair election is not a legitimate basis for such a petition.

It is truly disheartening to see the number of women willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to coalesce and march for some ambiguous cause. The makeshift signs they brandish bear testament to the myriad reasons for their participation; the only common denominator being gender.

If any of them were serious about making a difference they would get involved in their own state’s government; but one would be hard pressed to find among them a thousand who have attended a city council, town hall or school board meeting in the last year; even fewer who have run for city council or state office; or voted in a local election.

This is because it is not always easy to find time to stay current on local issues and or attend local meetings; and or vote in local elections; or come face to face with one’s neighbor and disagree on important, contentious issues. It is much easier and far more gratifying to anonymously voice one’s opinion among the discordant voices of a multitude.

Women participated in the Woman Suffragette March because at the time it was the only resource available to them. Those efforts were instrumental in securing for women the same resources available to men; rendering such demonstrations unnecessary and ineffective. Notwithstanding, more than a century later, these women choose to engage in this futile exercise.

The demonstration relies on media attention ; just like the Million Man March and Occupy Wall Street; so that all politicians need do is create a more compelling media event and the demonstration will no longer enjoy media focus.

These women desperately want to feel relevant without doing anything relevant; which is sad but nonetheless commentary on our female population.


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