Human beings require food to live; but some people are extraordinarily challenged to procure requisite sustenance. In America, the government, through the Department of Agriculture, has instituted programs to assist people so challenged.

One such program is Food Stamps, a.k.a. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); and another is Women, Infants, and Children (WIC); both of which restrict the items for which program benefits can be used to purchase. However, nothing says that beneficiaries of these programs cannot purchase alcoholic beverages with funds from other sources, so to aid in the restriction and monitoring  of purchases no funds are disbursed to recipients through the programs. Instead they receive a voucher or a type of debit card.

Conversely, no such monitoring can be effectively applied to funds actually disbursed to Planned Parenthood. an organization whose services includes abortions and whose revenue stream includes fetal tissue sales.

Whether or not a woman can receive abortion services; at her own expense; from Planned Parenthood is an issue separate and distinct from whether or not taxpayer dollars should be used to subsidize the costs of such services. Inasmuch as unwanted pregnancies are predominately the result of irresponsible sexual behavior,there can be no doubt that it would be an equally irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars to subsidized abortions.

As long as Planned Parenthood performs or contracts abortion services there is no way to credibly assure taxpayers that they do not partially or fully pay for those services; except by not funding Planned Parenthood at all.

President Donald Trump is taking steps to give American taxpayers that assurance and we should support him in that effort.

You cannot buy booze with Food Stamps and and you should not be able to buy an abortion with taxpayer dollars.


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