On a January 28, 2017 airing of AM Joy, Joy Reid gives a stellar illustration of dishonest media devoid of integrity.

In the first part of her show she hosts Bill Nye, a science zealot who is intolerant of anyone who does not embrace every proclamation from the so called scientific community; without challenge or question. Reid was quite accommodating in that regard; obsequious in fact, even as Nye ridiculed and disparaged the unpersuaded.

There are several unanswered fundamental questions regarding the validity of the theory of evolution and natural selection; including why, if the data are definitive, it is so important that science discredit religion. Joy Reid broached none of these areas. Indeed she was incredulous that some people would not accept “facts”.

Conversely, on the subject of abortion Reid had not interest in facts. She got Kristan Hawkins, a woman viscerally driven on the subject of abortion and juxtaposed her with two articulate so called pro choice women who made Hawkins look like a member of some anti-abortion cult.

Neither side, nor Reid, addressed relevant facts; such as Roe v. Wade is a court case, not a law. The decision in that case only applied to parties to that particular case. It is not binding on any other person nor any other state not party to that litigation.

The US Constitution vests “all” legislative power in congress and no court is empowered to expand, amend, repeal, invalidate or otherwise alter any duly passed legislation. Unless and until a law is repealed by the enacting legislature, courts must entertain and decide each case involving that law based on the merits of the specific case and the law as it exists.

The fact, of which Joy Reid seems to be oblivious, is that overturning Roe v. Wade would no more prohibit abortions than the original decision made abortion legal. Courts do no make law; case law is not law; precedent is not law; and court decisions are binding only upon parties to the litigation before the court.

If Joy Reid can cite any precept of the US Constitution or The Judiciary Act which refutes these facts she should do so.


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