During the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton referred to Donald Trump’s supporters as a basket of deplorables simply because they supported him instead of her for President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton had the same opportunity as anyone else to make her case for being president; plus she had a popular former president and a sitting president who not only extolled her but denigrated Trump mercilessly as well. She also had a former republican president publicly announce that he would be voting for her. By and large, she had a decided advantage over Trump; yet she lost.

As a result of her loss, we get to see the real basket of deplorables; elected members of congress working in concert with media to incite civil unrest and create the illusion of ubiquitous chaos.

It is the fact that they are elected officials behaving like spoiled brats; throwing tantrums because they didn’t get their way; while collecting nearly $200.000.00 in taxpayer dollars, that makes them deplorable; thieves in fact.

Beginning in 2018, Americans should start releasing these deplorables from their congressional obligations so that they can instigate and protest full time; but not at taxpayer expense.


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