can Paul Ryan handle the heavy lifting

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies; foreign and domestic. The Constitution is under attack from domestic enemies and Speaker Ryan is the only person empowered by the Constitution to initiate remedial  action.

Judge James L. Robart has attempted to subvert the US government; inciting government officials to flout the authority of the executive branch; by falsely asserting that a decision he wrote effectively countermanded the President of the United States.

This is an impeachable offense and Speaker Ryan has a constitutional obligation to initiate that process. It is imperative the judiciary be admonished; and the boundaries between government powers be clarified.

 Nothing in the US Constitution or The Judiciary Act  empowers any court to usurp the power of the executive branch. Only congress is empowered to override the president; in the manner prescribed in the Constitution; or hold the president to account for constitutional violations.

Nothing in the US Constitution or The Judiciary Act binds anyone; who is not party to the case before the court, to any decision the court makes in that case. Decisions and or opinions of the court do not constitute legislation. “Case law” is esoteric legal jargon; it is not tantamount to legislation.

Robart must be impeached if only to establish that his decision has no founding in law and that amending, expanding, repealing, invalidating or otherwise altering any existing law are not remedies at the disposal of any court regardless of the findings in any case.

If Speaker Paul Ryan does not know this or is unwilling or unable to do his job, he should immediately resign as speaker.


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