According to Senator Ben SasseUS Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch  indicated to him that in Gorsuch’s opinion “…any attack on brothers and sisters of the robe is an attack on all judges”. This together with Gorsuch’s intimation, to Senator Richard Blumenthal, that he found President Trump’s estimation of  Judge James Robart, for exceeding the limits of the judicial power vested by the United States Constitution; “…disheartening and demoralizing”; leaves no doubt that Judge Gorsuch is not only aware of the prevailing corruption within the judicial branch, he also subscribes to it.

“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us” is characteristic of a gang mentality. Brotherhood of the robe is gang vernacular; not unlike the Klan. Gorsuch is a lower level gang member looking to move up by taking down a President.

However, Gorsuch has apparently surmised that a direct rebuke of the president could result in withdrawal of his nomination; but he feels confident that a cowardly, indirect reproach will endear him to the senate and assure his confirmation before the president can contemplate withdrawing the nomination.

Cleverly Gorsuch chose Richard Blumenthal as the vehicle for his rebuttal. Blumenthal is  obsequious to the court because as a lawyer he was allowed to play court jester on several occasions, entertaining the court with his acrobatic skills with the law.  Blumenthal says it is important that the judiciary be independent but his idea of independence is omnipotence; meaning he has no more respect for the separation of powers than does the judiciary.

It is ironic that the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged and lost their fortunes and or their lives to secure freedom from the tyranny of a monarch and create a Constitution, separating government powers to preclude tyranny; only to have two of the branches of government cede their powers to the third, creating a tyrannical entity out of the one branch that was deliberately isolated and insulated from the political process.

Less than two and a half centuries later every member of the so called brother/sisterhood of the robe became a member as the result of their desire to rule their world intersecting with the political agenda of those with the power to confirm them.

However, Under Article III of the US Constitution, the supremacy of the supreme court resides solely within the confines of the judicial branch; it is not the supreme branch of government. President Trump is right to reproach the judiciary inasmuch as it regards itself as above the law. It has broken its tether to the Constitution and has come to regard itself as the Constitution; substituting personal opinion for the law. The court has the power to overturn a lower court decision but it is not empowered to overturn the law.

Blumenthal speaks of Roe v. Wade as accepted precedent but precedent is not law; court decisions are not law. Legislation is law and all legislative power is vested in congress.

President Trump is on the precipice of doing the greatest thing for America since the Emancipation Proclamation. Trump is on the verge of freeing all Americans from judicial tyranny and all Americans should support him in that effort..


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