Apparently Ms. Denene Millner is one of the Black Americans who embraces a separate but equal racial paradigm for this country. To that end she has presumed to decide who may and may not consider themselves Black; and as the self appointed keeper of the Black Millner decided that Nkechi Amare Diallo (formerly Rachel Dolezal) is never to be considered Black.

The logical question is if Millner accepts the delusions of the so called transgender why must she so aggressively rebuke Diallo’s racial delusion?

It is because the livelihood of Black people like Millner requires that the perception of a racial dichotomy between whites and Blacks remain intact. Diallo could have claimed any other race without raising the ire of Millner;

Millner says, “…like diamonds, blackness is created under extreme pressure and high temperature, deep down in the recesses of one’s core.”; which is clearly an acknowledgement that so called “blackness” is not innate, rather it results from environmental influences; and also begs the question of whether or not Blacks who have not experienced the requisite pressure and temperature are considered Black by Millner.

The fact is Blacks are no more monolithic than whites and there is no singular “Black experience”. The culture Millner describes in her narrative is not a microcosm of the Black population in America; rather it is a segment of the Black population exploited by people like Millner, Alicia Garza, the Congressional Black Caucus and others, for their own enrichment and to maintain the perception of relevance which garners them the trust of Blacks that enables them to exploit Blacks like no one else can.


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